Eva Blomberg (born 1952) is a professor at the School of Historical and Contemporary Studies and the School of Culture and Learning, at Södertörn University since 2011. After her Ph.D. in History 1995, at the Department of History, Stockholm University, she worked as an Assistant Professor. In 2001 she was awarded the title of Adjunct Professor (docent) in History.

Her main fields of research are political and contemporary history, gender equality and labor market relations, and earlier media, fashion and star studies. In 1996, she was awarded two prizes for her dissertation Men in Darkness, by The Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities and the the prize of Rudolf Meidner. She was a contributor to a governmental official report, Kvinnomaktutredningen (Female power investigation), in 1997.

“Gender equality, ideology and practice”

Gender equality has been an institutionalized part of Swedish politics since the 1970s, and to a greater extent than in Finland. Not least, the Swedish self-image is informed by a notion of the country as a pioneering nation. Finland, unlike Sweden had both female heads of states as prime ministers and equally high percentage of women in parliament, despite a system of personal qualities. Also, women’s employment differs, and women’s part-time work is less common in Finland than in Sweden. At the same time there are significant similarities in gender policy formulation in terms of equality laws and ombudsmen. The driving forces in equality policy has been both international and national, but the formulation of policy can be seen as an ongoing discussion and struggle between different social actors. This has created a gender policy which shifted in line with policy changes. The subproject will make a comparative study of gender equality policy in the two countries.


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